About Us

the Humans of Lagos: A festival of Wellness

promoting the wellbeing of individuals

The Humans of Lagos Wellness Festival is a month-long celebration of wellbeing designed to inspire, kickstart and improve participantsā€™ journey to better and mental, emotional and physical well-being in the new normal.

A whole month of mindful conversations and wholesome experiences aimed at enabling the Humans of Lagos to embrace the culture of rest and wellness as much as they work hard. To breathe and take time out of the hustling and bustling of Lagos to take care of their emotional, mental and financial wellbeing.

access to fitness classes, health & Wellness Services

According to, https://austinemedia.com/top-10-most-stressful-cities-in-the-world, Lagos ranks 3rd among theĀ most stressful cities in the world. This statistics is alarming and the resultant effect of stress leads to burnout which drains creativity, innovation and productivity among the citizens of Lagos.

The Humans of Lagos Wellness Festival will be bringing together venues, fitness clubs, beauty spas, healthy restaurants, bars and coffee shops to host a schedule of classes, seminars and events that will inspire people to live life well.

The Aim: inspire people to live life well

In a bid to support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of humans of Lagos, the Festival of Wellness aims to motivate change by building a supportive community to encourage greater physical activity, mental support and access to health advice and services.

Creating a unique environment that enables participants to retreat and refuel

Enable greater access to health and wellness services & inspire participants.

Building connections through the well-being community

Supporting local business to attract clients and sustain growth

Experience a whole month celebration of Wellbeing

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